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I Am The A Way  (2019)

Wydawca: Mythrone Promotion

1.   The Abu Hymn 
2.   Wanderer Who Bestows
3.   Irarazakku
4.   In the name of Umamu
5.   Ask and Thou Shalt Receive
6.   Hear Ye, Hear Ye
7.   I am the way 
8.   Let the Heavens Rejoice                               




Izi. In. Kurnu-Ki  (2015)

Wydawca: Non Seviam Records

1.   Hear Our Calling!
2.   Of the Angel and his Orison
3.   Chariots of the Gods
4.   E.A.Firebringer
5.   Enlil
6.   Ire thru Fire
7.   Inferludium
8.   One is the Truth and the Truth is the One
9.   Are we the Lost Ones                                     
10. Khufu Arise!


neolith,  individual infernal idimmu cover okładka


Individual Infernal Idimmu (2010)

Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Muzyczne PSYCHO

1.   Thus I fulFILled His Will (intro)
2.   The Dark and Light in One
3.   A Prayer
4.   Fright Emblazoned on Faces
5.   Limes Inferior
6.   That Sorrowful Feast of the Damned
7.   Asar Un-Nefer
8.   Idimmu Expecting
9.   The Most Excellent Charm Against the Son of Liar
10. Hallowed Be the Signs!


neolith  immortal cover okładka

Immortal (2004)

Wydawca: The Flaming Arts

1. No Longer Fearing Death
2. Metamorphoses Verses
3. Hues Of The Universe
4. The Key I Am
5. Colossal Time Void
6. Thin Invisible Line
7. Seven
8. Eight
9. Snakes Tongues  

IgneNatura Renovabitur Integra (1998)

Wydawca: Dogma Records

01. Uverture
02. Unbeliever
03. Awakening (A Prayer For Dying)
04. In The Garden Of Forgetfulness
05. Raven Moon
06. Curse Thee Lord
07. Temple Of The Silent Desire
08. Souls Of The Silent Desire
09. My Journey To The Stars
10. Pagan Chant
11. Igne Natura Renavobitur Integra